President, Director

Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director

A practicing attorney, Tom Koerner started dancing while at the University of Virginia in 1976. Tom teaches swing dance with Debra Sternberg, is heavily involved in the swing music and dance community, and has a deep appreciation for swing music and dance.

Debra Sternberg has been teaching Jitterbug and Lindy Hop with Tom since 1987. Tom and Debra are dedicated to keeping alive both the music and dance of the swing era with an emphasis on the history and background that makes it so unique.

Tom and Debra are the 1994 United Kingdom Lindy Hop–Air Steps Division champions, and 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2003 Virginia State Open Lindy Hop champions, as well as Jitterbug champs for many of those same years.

Tom and Debra were honored to have been chosen by the Smithsonian Institute as their swing dance instructors and performers at the National World War II Memorial Celebration on the National Mall in Washington, DC, May 2004.


Sue Caley has always loved to dance, studying ballet and jazz when younger and teaching Ballroom Dance in Northern Virginia. Sue discovered swing dancing in the late 1980s, and along with Gary Caley began teaching for Gottaswing in the mid-1990s. Sue continues to teach weekly classes and hosts dances with live music. Sue loves nothing better than to turn people on to the amazing local Gottaswing dance family/community and joy of swing dancing!

JEAN VELOZ, March 1, 1924-January 15, 2023